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Roark Gyms offers group classes as well as personal training at our facilities in Cape Town. Our gyms have workouts you’ll love with people you’ll love working out with.

We believe that what you do in the gym ripples into the rest of your life. Every time a workout gets hard and you push yourself past what you thought you were capable of you prove to yourself that when things get hard you don’t quit! As you strengthen your body you’ll also strengthen your mind.

During a 60 minute Roark class you can expect a dynamic warmup combined with strength training and some high intensity cardio work. This means that you get all the essential elements to get in great shape in every class you attend!

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Managing Director

Guru. Motivator. Educator.

With a fascination in and enthusiasm for functional fitness, Frik has specialized in the intersection between being an athlete and wanting you to be able to play with your kids when you 8O. “The end goal is always to help someone be a better version of themself and to make fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone”.

Many women abandon their fitness plans when falling pregnant out of fear, but Frik specializes in both the maintenance, adjustment, and reintroduction of a fitness program to pregnant women.

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alan foulis

Roark Men Cape Town General Manager

Head Coach, Director of Swole

Don’t let Alan’s laid back nature fool you. This man is a top-tier, global competitor who holds multiple qualifications. Besides his athletic prowess, he is an excellent coach who will help guide you to your highest level of performance, regardless of whether you’re an absolute beginner or a more experienced, high-level competitor in your own right. 


With a joke up every sleeve, Alan truly embodies Roark’s values of unwavering dedication, the constant pursuit of knowledge, and meaningful application of experience. Fitness is a lifelong journey, and a challenging one. With Alan, you may find it a little easier. 


James Owen

Roark Coach

Movement Specialist and Form Fanatic

At the forefront of a revolution wherein the general populace are becoming more and more aware of their ability to achieve true fitness, James is highly qualified and goes to great lengths to create detailed programs for both individuals and large groups. He wants you to be able to squat when you’re 80 years old.


Assistant to the Coach

Assistant Coach Jackson

The giver of smiles and the occasional cuddles! Sometimes sleeps on the job but 100% excited to meet you at the door.

Hey! Did you know that we offer female-only classes as well? Want to become a better woman? Train at ROARK. We’re all about the ladies. Our female only group classes are designed to work the female form and we throw down in our women’s-only gym. You will sweat. You will smile. You will become a better woman and meet a bunch of wonderful women

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  • New Year’s Resolutions. Some people live by ‘em, swearing at the start of each new year that… This year will be different. This year will be the one. This year, I’ll finally turn it around. New Year, new you, right?!

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