Member Feature with Jess Ross

Join the Roark Fam they said. It would be fun they said. Well, they were right.

In this blog we would like to applaud one of our beloved members, Jess Ross. We are incredibly proud of her effort, consistency, for showing up everyday with a positive attitude and spreading all the good vibes! 

In her own words, this is what Jess had to say about us:

When I started at Roark at the end of 2019, I was terrified: terrified I wasn’t strong, fast or fit enough, of being teamed up with athletes, of letting my team down and of the notorious ‘parliament punishment’. My fear meant more often than not, I didn’t pitch up to class, and when I did, I hid away, cheated on reps and told myself I was never going to measure up.

Then the pandemic hit and with Zoom classes, I had no more excuses, so I showed up every day. I quickly realised there was no reason to be so intimidated – these were no regular workouts: they’re carefully considered programmes that can be tailored to your fitness level. And they deliver results. Hell, I started seeing the smallest hint of abs where belly fat used to be. Roark became the one constant in a world that felt deeply uncertain.

When studio classes opened again, I went consistently. I got to know my fellow Roark members and found myself enjoying the team challenges. Any member will tell you that it’s the community that makes this a truly special gym. These aren’t just my workout buddies but my friends.

Our coaches, Frik, Alan and James, are always there to push us and cheer us on. Thanks to them I’m no longer terrified (mostly 😂). Sure, admittedly I occasionally ‘miscount’ reps on the odd burpee onslaught (sorry Frik) but I’m stronger, faster and fitter. It’s not just my body that’s transformed but my mental resilience and confidence. Then again, that’s what Roark’s in the business of doing: building better humans.

I look forward to class every day now because of Frik’s encouragement and the community he and the team have fostered. It’s a space that will challenge you, reward you and support you, and it’s one I’m so happy to be a part of. For anyone that’s starting out with the same fear I had, hang in there: it’s quickly replaced by the thrill of physical, personal and mental ‘gains’ as Frik would say 😉