Everyone’s journey is unique

Everyone’s journey is unique

“Be mindful of your words and wishes, as God might accept them”, are the words spoken by my Grandmother. In my heart, I have a great level of Respect, Gratitude and Humility towards my Coaches at ROARK.

Firstly, Lockdown was one of my excuses for been out of shape and not going to gym. I have been in denial and kept telling myself that I am okay. For the past 10 years my doctor has been stressing how important exercise is as my health has been taking a toll and the list kept getting longer. Believe me, the List is KAK long.

Six months ago, I was encouraged by another member, Courtney, that I should check out ROARK, as this is the place to be. Quote: “The Best Place to Train”. I have tried out a few gyms, but lost interest very quickly and always felt that I needed more. “A Right Fit” for me.

Six months ago, very reluctantly, I tried out ROARK with no expectations. Just another gym were my thoughts, just another gym.

Day one arrived, and man, it was an Awful day one. There were no beginners class (as I thought) and the training was on another level. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. This type of training is not for me was what I told the coach after the first session. He gave me an Energade and recommended that I come back, which I did. The first week was very tough but for some reason I felt that I needed to go back. Every night I felt the need to quit but the coaches kept encouraging and motivating me that, my two days a week became three days and then every day. I reached a point where I suffered from F.O.M.O.

The coaches at this gym are the reason that I go back every day. They are Masters in their field of expertise and show a great deal of humility, dignity and courage. Big muscle coaches with soft kind humble words. The head coach Alan Foulis is literally a master of his trade and have many accolades to prove it as a professional athlete (like all the other coaches too). “Be the change you want to see in other” quoted by Ghandi, is exactly what these coaches portray. So much so, that they actually do the training with the members as a team. They surely lead the way by example and I applaud them for that.

The workouts are structured in such a way that it’s near perfect for building super humans. Coach James Owen works on our Form and always has an alternative if you cannot do a specific workout. Frik Muller brings Flavour to every workout to make it as fun and functional as possible. Truly a great team of coaches that I have ever met. Everything is structured to flow into the next. Monday’s training is made to overflow into Tuesday, Wednesday’s training is to give the body a break and prepare your body for Thursday and Friday. Saturdays are optional, if you skipped any day as this would give an overall of the entire week.

I attend classes most days as these sessions are a “pick me up” after a long stressful day. I am honestly excited to get to gym, as the energy from all the members are electrifying. The positive vibes and the energy is shot around the gym like a Star Wars movie. The positivity in this place is truly amazing and it’s all stems from the Top (coaches). The member are mostly happy people and, it is as if I’m living it the 60’s where everyone are Hippies and smiling all the time. This is surely an amazing place to train at.

I am not a writer or a blogger or any type of social media person but what I am trying to express, is my gratitude to my coaches at ROARK for actually upholding their moto of “BUILDING BETTER HUMANS” and seeing it through.

Thank you

Tauhir Davids