Roark gym etiquette 101

Roark gym etiquette 101

Now that the first part of the new year is done, let’s revisit some basic, but very important guidelines and expectations at Roark Gyms. 

1) Do YOUR Best. Leave your ego at the door. Don’t compare yourself, or anyone else. We are all on our own journeys, and we all fight battles daily that we know nothing about. Focus on YOU and YOUR progress. YOUR growth. YOUR development. YOUR efforts. We are all here to be the best versions of ourselves!

2) Let the coaches do all of the coaching. We have a very big and supportive community, and this is an incredible blessing. We have so many members who want to help each other, and we appreciate all the love and encouragement out there! However, we do kindly ask that you leave any and all coaching to the professionals. While your intentions are wonderful and pure gold, you just don’t know the clients the way we do. And, the cue we use for you is not the same cue we would use for Johnny or Sally, because they are not the same person on the same journey as you. Too many cooks in the kitchen can cause a fire. And, well-intended cues could accidentally get someone hurt. Please just leave the coaching to us, and cheer and support each other like crazy! 😉

3) Clean up your equipment and DNA. Whatever piece(s) of equipment you use, whether before, during, or after class, please put it back where it belongs, unless otherwise instructed by a coach. And, please, for the safety and sanitation of the gym and community, CLEAN UP YOUR DNA if you happen to accidentally sweat, bleed, spit, or cry on anything (including the floor), or any other bodily fluids. Thank you!

4) Introduce yourself to new faces, and pay it forward. As new members appear in class, please reach out a friendly hand and introduce yourself. We were all once new ourselves, and one of the biggest struggles in health and fitness is STARTING. Offering a friendly hand and smile can make a huge difference in the failure or success of a new member. And, help ‘em out with the gym – Show them where things are, where things go, and what our culture is all about at Roark. 

5) Cheer each other on, finish together, and wait until the last person is done to clean up. We are a COMMUNITY, and we start and finish together. No man left behind. If you are one of the first ones done, catch your breath, and then go back for you team. Cheer them on, count them down in their last round, do the last 10 burpees WITH them, and otherwise show them that you are there until the end with them. Once the last member has finished the WOD, then that is when we can start cleaning up and clearing the floor.

6) Pay attention and listen when the coach is instructing. Basic good manners. We want to help you learn and grow, while also prevent injury and unnecessary questions later on. Please just make it an automatic response to look at the coach and listen attentively any and all times the coach starts talking. Thank you!

7) Save the conversations for before and after the workout, and maybe even during warm up, but definitely NOT during the workout itself! C’mon…If you’re talking during the WOD, then you’re not even trying. 

8) Be considerate of the next class. If you’re talking to a few buddies and having a good laugh, then great. Just please do not do it right next to class in session and be distracting.

9) Be aware of your surroundings and others, and do NOT ghost-ride your barbell. Duuude, don’t be “that guy.” During the workout make sure that you have your own personal space, like an invisible square. Be mindful of how and where you use your equipment, too. For example, never swing your KB while facing another person – Always face a wall or other inanimate object, because if, heaven forbid, the KB slipped out of your hands, you’d only crack the wall, versus crack someone’s skull. And, “ghost-riding” a barbell means dropping it from overhead, and letting it bounce all over the place, and ricochet into you or someone nearby. Plus, they destroy the plates quickly, especially the 10’s – Please, SAVE THE 10’s!!! There is no need to dump the barbell unless it is a 1RM or super heavy. Please, have control of yourself and the barbell.

10) Be on time. My mother used to always tell me, “If you’re 15 minutes early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, then you’re late. And, if you’re late, then you’re an a**hole.” Now, obviously, there are exceptions, and we totally understand the rare and occasional tardy. We’re talking about the frequent offenders with no just-cause. Respect everyone’s time – Yours, the coaches, and the classmates. And, if you do have to show up tardy, please just join class seamlessly. No need to make a scene or cause distraction. Blend in and we’re happy to see you!

11) A little bit goes a long way with chalk. Rub a little bit on your palms inside of the bucket, and try to keep as much of it in the bucket. While clapping your hands and making dust clouds is super cool and dramatic for a movie, it’s really annoying and messy in reality. Plus, we breathe that air! And, really and truly, you only need a little bit, not a thick layer of frosting, for it to work. 

12) Don’t just talk about gym etiquette and how to be a good person – BE ONE! Live it, breathe it, model it, show it, own it. It is all of our jobs individually to create our Roark culture together.  We have to build it, nurture it, and maintain it. 

13) Help us help you!  If you don’t tell us about a nagging shoulder pain, or a recent bike accident, or your newly diagnosed Diabetes, or raging time of the month, or even about your fitness goals, your fear of heavy weights, your desire to learn pull ups, etc – If you don’t tell us, we can’t help you! We are not mind-readers, and we are also not here to judge you. We are here to help. Talk to us! No matter how silly or insignificant or embarrassing it may seem to you. We want to know!

14) Communicate. Ask meaningful questions. Offer thoughtful suggestions and solutions. Please do not complain about something without a thoughtful solution or willingness to talk it out with us. If there is a problem, go directly to the source! Face-to-face. Don’t just gossip about it in class. No drama. We are available and always willing to listen and discuss. A lot of problems would disappear and otherwise be avoided if we talk TO each other, instead of about each other!

15) Have FUN, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Your “Parliament” time and 1RM Deadlift do NOT define you, nor are they that important in the grand scheme of things. Don’t take yourself and your workouts too seriously. Remember that we are here to get fit, blow off some steam, be a little bit better than yesterday, and enjoy life before our number is called. If you happend to be on a journey to get your best ever 1RM deadlift then we will be your biggest supporters, but if you just want to be able to play with your gran kids when you are 60, we will still be your biggest supporters. Read the first “rule” of this message again if you’re still unsure